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We Provide Reliable Test Kit, Mask, Disinfectant and Protective Equipment for All Around The World

We Provide Reliable Test Kit, Mask, Disinfectant and Protective Equipment for All Around The World

The role of our company during Corona pandemic is very big in terms of preventing spread of pandemic and providing controls. Coronavirus, in other words COVID -19, effects the entire world and has a very fast spreading. It’s explosion point was in Wuhan city in China and this virus caught the world off guard due to facing it for the first time. Therefore, the medications and vaccines that are effective on this virus are not in use, they are still testing. Treatment is provided by the medications that are already exist. However, this treatment is not sufficient in some cases. Thus, primary target should be not having this virus. .

Protective and Test Equipments Related with the Pandemic

There are some precautions to prevent catching the virus and to decelerate the spreading. As told by Ministry of Health, virus is not stronger than the precautions that we take.  Virus can spread in many ways. The most common ways are respiration and contact. Respiratory tract is an important access way for virus contamination. Therefore, nose and mouth area should be covered hygienically. Wearing masks become mandatory generally in the world. In this regard, our company is a pioneer with the masks that are appropriate for health and with protective feature. The main purpose is to prevent spreading a secretion from people with pandemic disease to other people and to stop spreading of the disease.

 It is crucial to reduce the contact with outer world to minimum to prevent health in our country and in the world. In this regard, protective equipments used by health care professionals are provided by us to all over the world. Thanks to this, it is possible especially for health care staff to work in hygienic conditions. The other important issue is to prevent contamination with contact. Hands should be washed frequently to prevent contamination of virus that spreads with hands most. In case of not having water and soap, disinfectants may be preferred due to proving ease of use and hygiene. People with high fever and difficulty in respiration can be Coronavirus suspects. It is crucial to have true results in these cases. İstanbul Pharma company has improved test kits for this purpose. Reliable test kits provided by our company gives the true results. Reliability of the test kit is very important for the treatment that will be performed.