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We Became a Big Brand for Medication Export and Transfer

We Became a Big Brand for Medication Export and Transfer

Our company is a leading institution in both local and international area for medication supply. Our institution Istanbul Pharma always meet every kind of medical equipment requirements of you and health care sector reliably in recent covid-19 pandemic. Istanbul Pharma keeps continue to it’s way with solid steps with those features in this pandemic period. Our company never ignores the principle that indicates the importance of human health especially in this period and provides you and health sector necessary medication and medical material with full capacity. 

Our Services

Istanbul Pharma aims pharmaceutical wholesale and supply network to be valid for global market not just for local market. Service vision of our company is to provide the best service for the patients, required ones and also health care sector. In this regard, we are sending our products everywhere without discriminating language, religion, nation and foreign locations.

Our company is advancing with solid steps in international and national market with it’s entire power, burning both ends of the candle to support clinical researches, humanitarian aid projects and to supply medical materials and medications even in this difficult period.  

Recent problems in clinical researches and supply network contributes our company’s experience considerably and provides us to walk faster in our way.

We keep continue to help the countries and regions that need our help within humanitarian aid projects without any condition or rule. Our support is proceeding with our health care professionals, physician and health officers. We are trying to treat people appropriately to quality and standards and also trying to recover them.

For people with rare diseases, our orphan drugs are available even in this difficult period thanks to our strong transfer chain and medication supply network.By this means we help them to be alive by protecting their health.  

We are trying to help this pandemic period that we recently experienced, with medical materials and emergency kits. In this regard, fast health care system is crucial for our company. Our distribution power, provides our company to be a bigger brand for medication export and transfer.