İstanbul Pharma

Quality Assurance

Klinik Araştırmalar Temini


We serve as İstanbul Pharma, with the knowledge of fullfilling an important duty in health sector. Therefore, we conduct a serving process that offers quality assurance. 

Professional Service

Training and motivation of staff is conducted about our service concept, our values and about the process. Working with a highly motivated staff who develop their working skills is effective for providing a high quality service. Healthy medication supplying conditions of storages are  monitored by using 7/24  observing and recording system. The staff is informed about negative situations related with a problem of recording system and thus fast intervention can be done. Standard working procedures are conducted with detecting all studies. r.

Our Working Process

Cold storages provide a suitable place for storage of medications. All the process is kept under control to provide a service with high quality. Packeting system provides healthy delivery of orders with storage and operation solutions. A study is conducted in compatible with good delivery procedure.  Contact between all the departments are provided by customer software modulus.  The process is utilized with a real information transfer and by providing ordering and customer management.

Klinik Araştırmalar Temini


Stardard Working Procedures

You may consider various solutions when you want to widen your company with a continuous increasing acceleration. One of the solution that you may include to your evaluation is Standard Working Procedures. In short, you can see that procedures which are defined as written documents can develop acceleration of your company.

Analysis, Whenever You Want, Customize when You Want to Be Functional

For standard working procedures, it is not appropriate to evaluate working field limitedly.  You may use it to provide many service when reporting, data transfer and data sharing is needed about your company.

You may be interested in newer and more developed software solutions whenever you want by updating it. Especially, you may need during delivery of unexpected documents of your company. Standard working procedures are offered to you with it’s customizable feature when you want to consider the appropriate solutions for your company.

What is the Role for Development of Your Company?

You absolutely observe that service and quality is on the forefront when you consider the performance for development potential of your company. Therefore, service and quality should be at the level sufficient to satisfy your customer to develop your company. When we summarize all of them, we can see that standard working procedures have a big role for service and quality workflow.  

Klinik Araştırmalar Temini


Training Of Staff

İstanbul Pharma aims availability of drugs to be easier for all the countries of the world.   Thus, supplying medication for health and medical institutions, Civil Society Institutions, Humanitarian Aid Institutions. During this service process, customer satisfaction is on the forefront with a professional service concept.

Preparation of Staff to the Process

İstanbul Pharma as a pharmaceutical wholesaler aims to provide the best service in this sector. A staff working effectively and having a grip of the work is very important in this process. Therefore, meticulous care is given for training of the staff. Periodic training of staff provides the staff to have a grip on the system and the procedure. 

Team Work and Professionality

With a professional work flow, a service that is satisfactory for customers is provided. Receiving the order, presentation of product information, preparation, delivery and follow up of the order  should be done carefully. It is possible to complete this process carefully and professionally with a trained staff working seriously.

Trained staff can more effectively work with team work during professional working process. Customer focused professional working process offers the service with best quality without discriminating any country or region. Training of the staff is important to obtain this success and keep it continue.