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The features of original medication and generic drug should be same in terms of active compounds. Those medication have the same results and same doses.  This facility is also provided by our country. Generic and original medications keep continue trading in Turkey without any trouble.


The cost of this medication is more affordable than the cost of original medications. The patients who need this type of medication are lucky from a different view and usually they are located in the most preferred medication people who need it. Those drugs are cheaper because the companies who produce this medication can study on the existing medication without developing a new formula. Therefore, they have little cost elements due to not making expensive try in methods like tests, experiments and clinical studies done by the original brands.  Thus, generic drugs are cheaper than the other medications. However, the most important rule that should be taken care of is; generic drugs have the same performance asthe original ones. 

Structure of Generic Drug

Generic drug is also called equivalent drug. Those medications are produced by completely chemical synthesis and they have to be exactly the same as the original. Medications that are not following this rule are not accepted as generic drug.   This is the most important reason why it has a chemically stable structure. It comprises a combination of small molecules.  Generic drug is defined as a bio-technologic product. When we evaluate chemical structures scientifically, we observe a complicated and an enormous complex. Increase of generic drug production will facilitate availability of medications for patients and remove the difficulties. 

The relationship between original drug and Generic Drug

For introducing a generic drug into the market, above mentioned equivalence must be provided. Generic drug should be proved as a result of the tests done in related places. The products should have the same formula as the original drug. Another difference between these two medications is their price. Generic drugs are cheaper. The reason is not expensing much during production stage.


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