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Test Tracks

Test tracks are products that provide reliable results in short time period, their usage is easy and they are portable. They can be used in health care centers that laboratory facilities are not common. They are available products because of their affordable prices.

Main usage areas are health and chemistry. They can be applied for urine, blood samples and water samples. Results can be obtained within minutes. Required data can be obtained by test tracks in a short time period for cleaning of drinking water, purifying of nutritiants, pool cleaning or cleaning of clothing.

Where Test Tracks Are Used?

Test Tracks are used by health professionals and also suitable for home type usage. Everyone can use those tests  without an extended working environment requirement. Diabetics can easily measure their blood glucose levels easily with their home type test tracks. Home type pregnancy tests are also included in this group. Test Tracks are preferred instead of laboratory blood tests at first stage because they are much more practical.  An important advantage is obtained in terms of time and cost. Therefore, expensive laboratory tests are applied only when necessary.


Necessary intervention can be started without being late thanks to those test tracks, the patient’s contagious diseases can be detected , by using them before some interventions.   Results can be obtained by using mini test kits without waiting for laboratory results for hours or even days.  Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, virus like HIV can be detected within minutes for porter people by using those kits without using a detailed blood test.

Tracks can be like test kits and also they can be like pool test kits and water test kits when water analysis will be done Beside, it can be determined by using disk shaped test kits and test result can be determined by color range.

How do Test Tracks Work ?

If we explain the working principle of test tracks; tracks are coated with a very thin layer of gold. One end of the track is coated with a chemical product. This tip reacts blood or water sample which is dropped on it.  As a result of this reaction the result appears as a color or line. Test tracks can be available in various forms and features in the market. Our company targets delivering you the test kit with most effective and affordable price.

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