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Orphan drugs

Orphan drugs are used for treatment of rare diseases. Demand of expensive drugs for those diseases which are not common in society is quite low, so production of these drugs is also very limited.  Investment and marketing is not performed because of considering marketing of orphan drugs not profitable. Due to all those factors, those neglected drugs are named like this.

Almost all those drugs which are required in our country are supplied from foreign countries. However, Turkey is one of the countries that involves those drugs into re-payment extent most.  Even so, this situation does not facilitate availability of drugs. Our company incorporates many orphan drug stock and provides them safely with improved supplier network.  İstanbul Pharma puts humanitarian aid in the first place and provides supply of many medical material and medication that are required by health companies. Our company facilitates supply to all regions and all health care institutes by providing availability to orphan drug.  Besides, our company is advancing to help poor people by working for social responsibility.

Rare Diseases

Mostly rare diseases are originated from genetics, but also, they can be originated from environmental factors. Consequences of those diseases can be very serious and may be life threatening. Diagnosis of patients with rare diseases can be difficult and may last in a long-term period. These patients may have trouble with drug supply following this long diagnostic period. Most of the time it is more difficult to get the medication than to diagnose the disease for the patient. Patient’s health or the existing problem get worse by extension of this period. All the patients with rare disease want to control their disease for treatment or at least to reduce their symptoms.  

Clinical studies are carried out about diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases in Europa. It is crucial to meet necessary conditions for treatment of those diseases. Overcosting experimental studies should be done for treatment of those disease. Our company makes various studies to make orphan drugs more available for increasing those patient’s quality of life.  

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