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Medical Consumables

Our company is serving as medication and medical material wholesaler and distributor.  It has a wide range of products including medication and medical devices and consumables. Keeps the health care market alive by worldwide service and provides attendance of new participants. Lends a hand to every institution that need help about medication and medical materials. The primary purpose of this company is to support human health care. Incorporates many products like mask, covid-19 products, gloves, overalls, consumables, orphan medications, medical equipment’s, test kits, medical devices and disinfectants.  Stores and distributes them very carefully. Keeps its studies without discriminating geographic location during supplying necessary materials and supports every region. Besides, our logistically strong company, directly refers necessary consumables to the required area. In natural disasters like earthquakes, consumables and medications are sent with health care officers when needed.


Our company took charge of the material:

Providing necessary assistance for clinical trials (medical devices and all necessary consumables)

To support all kinds of health-related work. (medicine, device, consumables etc ...

Medical Consumable Supply 

Medical consumables: Materials which are used for treatment but not defined under orthosis and prosthesis. Not provides a treatment by itself only but procedures that are necessary for treatment are provided by using medical consumables. Those materials are used for procedures about treatment, diagnosis and care. Keeping their storage full and hiding them well is very important because they are limited. Our company performs necessary storage for providing an absence like this. Those materials are disposable. Medical consumables include various materials like; gloves, mask, lancet, injectors, vascular access, cotton, gauze bandages, catheter, urine analysis box, vaginal speculum, serum set.  They are totally customized and disposable. This is because of every wound is different. Besides, this is also very important for preventing combination of microbes and not effecting. The other most important reason is hygiene. By using customized disposable materials and not using them second time for another person, microbic contamination ratio decreases.

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