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Dermal Fillings

Our company İstanbul Pharma, is trying to follow golden ratio during dermal filling procedure. Golden ratio is a concept which makes our eyes perceive things as beautiful. Brain perceives things with this ratio beautiful involuntarily.  Body deformities may occur  by increasing age and effect of mimics and muscles. Fillings are applied to remove this effect. Fillings are classified into two groups as: permanent and temporary in other words bio-degredable and non- bio-degredable fillings. The healthiest and most frequent filling type is temporary ones.

Fillings are applied for thickening of lips, eye brow lifting and for wound scars like collapses. Additional to this, it is also used for removal of deep wrinkles on lip margins and face. Dermal fillings are also used for collapses under eyes and cheeks   and removal of wrinkles on hands.

How  Dermal Filling Is Applied ?

Filling procedure is applied by injection of fat or materials like hyaluronic acid subcutaneously. Actually hyaluronic acid is found in all tissues of body. One of the most required parts for vital activities. However, its production decreases gradually after the age of 30 due to aging. The level of this acid should be regular to protect freshness and vitality of skin. Collagen structure of skin may deteriorate if the acid level decreases. The skin gets older and thinner eventually. Filling therapy applies to remove those effects. The effect of treatment is observed immediately. Permanency time of the effect may vary from person to person. Beside, the area of filling also may affect permanency time. However dermal fillings generally have permanency time between 6 and 18 months.    

Post- Application

A significant recovery of face lines is possible after the treatment performed by our company. Deep wrinkles and lines may recover completely or partly.  The best part of this procedure is to perform it without any surgery. Thanks to it, this procedure is very effective for the face and the operation site.

It is possible to see some effects after dermal filling procedure. Slight swelling and bruises may be observed following the first 3 days of treatment especially on lip area. Putting ice compress on the operated area accelerates recovery period. 

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