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Covid 19 Equipments

We are meeting product requirement of our customers in the world and in Turkey through our quality standards thanks to our advanced  supply network. Together with the global virus pandemic, necessary Covid-19 equipments takes their place in our wide range of products for protection and detection stages.


You can keep your customers and personnel in a safe place with contactless body temperature thermometer technology which is suitable for personal and corporational usage. It is possible to make a fast temperature measurement without any special training requirement by it’s easy usage.  You can measure from a distance about 10 cm easily within seconds.


You may order various glove models with different sizes including powderless and powdered. Take precautions against microorganisms contagious with contact. Protect both your customers and personnel.


Protective masks, protect you against unseeble small microorganisms and materials like dust by covering your nose and mouth. You may order mask from our Covid-19 equipment range that we prepared with affordable price and high quality. 

Protective Equipment

Protective equipments than can be used by companies during their services to protect personnel from possible hazards and make sure that customers are getting safe service. Our company is satisfying the need for protective equipment with high quality and useful products during covid-19 pandemic.    We have options like protective overall and protective coat.


Disinfectants which are used for providing hand hygiene should not harm your hands during cleaning. There are various contents and sizes of disinfectants for using in social areas and personal areas like home-office to provide hand hygiene.  You may order high quality disinfectant types through our company.

Covid-19 Test Kit

Corona virus test which is based on obtaining RNA gives fast and reliable test results and is a real time PCR test. Reliable result is obtained  within 2 hours. Sample is obtained with swab and then transferred with viral transferring medium.

Covid-19 equipments are evaluated in terms of appropriateness to legal necessities and quality standards before supplied from producers. Thanks to this, customers are protected from fake or poor quality  products and availability to the products with high quality is provided.

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