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When we search medication usage in a historical process, we see that it extends before ist. It is known that medication usage passes through different process. In the first period, medications are made by using natural methods.    In latest periods, it is observed that medication production increases depend on chemistry knowledge and technologic improvements. Those methods were sufficient for satisfaction of requirements until recent period but now it is not enough for the world of change and development. Because of this, experimental methods are started to use. Those methods become more common due to obtaining more reliable results,

It was observed that due to spreading of experimental method, new improvements are done together with innovations in pharmaceutical field through globalization and the needs brought by globalization.  Branded drug concept is born following those improvements.Our company is working hard and become an expert on branded drug concept, also our company  is conducting activities in this field. 

Branded drugs appear as a result of research and development including a long-term study period and clinical studies. Our company is working in this field. On the other hand, we have an extended field of study due to working in both national and international area. One of the most essential requirement of working in such an extended area, is regarded with our wide supplier network.

We are serving world’s most high quality brands with the most affordable prices

Medication has wide usage area. This wide range of effects variability of our service area positively. Serving for private sector, public sector and civil society organization. International requirements  also added to those sectors and this is important for increasing mentioned variability. 

We have demands and purposes about branded drugs as a company. However, first we are acting with human centered and humanistic concept.  This demand puts human on the forefront and underlines the importance and value of human health. We provide availability of required medications through those purposes and demands. Availability of those drugs is not the only purpose of our company. Because we also aim to provide continuity of those medications not only provide reliable and required medications.

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