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OTC (Herbal) Products

We are carefully selling OTC products as İstanbul Pharma. All OTC products are stored appropriate to storage conditions by our company with comprehensive labels. If you want, you may order from  or you may stop by to our company and buy. 

What is OTC ?

In english “over the counter” medications are translated in Turkish as “tezgâh üstü ilaçlar”.  They can be sold without any prescription. Selling OTC products without a prescription is not a problem. For example, this group of medications includes vitamin and mineral drugs.  

Factors That Should Be Careful About OTC Medications

- It should have an acceptable safety range.

- There is no need for a doctor for effective and safe usage.

- They should have appropriate, comprehensive and true label.

-  Potential of bad and misusage should be low.

OTC products are using for treatment of symptoms of various diseases. In this period, customers may decide those medicines by themselves according to the symptoms of the diseases. We listed them according to their usage, you may see it below:

OTC Products According to Their Usage Area

- For sinus congestion: salty water, ocean water, nasal sprays

- For coughing: guaifenesin ve dextrometorphan

- For gastric problems emetrol, ranitidin, omeprazol, lansoprazol, simetikon, bizmut subsalisilat and antiacids (Al,Mg and Ca compounds)

- For eye discharge, nasal discharge and sneezing; loratadin, setirizin, difenhidramin and feksofenadin

-  For throat, head, ear and body ache:  ibuprofen, benzokain, dehidratedgliserin and asetaminofen

- For pain and fever: salicylic acid, NSAİ, acetaminophen

Are OTC Drugs Safe?

Despite sold by our company without any prescription and need for a health care officer, it has the risks of side effects, overdose or drug effects. Therefore, notifying are put on the labels for appropriate usage of drugs by our company. You should follow the instructions and directions approved by our company. You can get opinion by asking a health care officer before starting to use a new drug. Besides, you should read the ingredients of the product that you will use carefully.    


OTC Drug Group Includes:

 Mother, baby and child care products

Baby’s bottle, pacifier, baby care products, feeding products, lotions, creams, oils, thermometer, mother and baby cosmetic products.

Dietary supplements

Products for healthy living, natural supplement drugs, products of muscle and skeletal system, products of gastrointestinal system and metabolism supporters, products supporting nerve and respiratory system.

Dermo-cosmetic products

Personal care products, skin cleaners and hygiene products, natural cosmetic and dermatologic products

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