İstanbul Pharma

Orphan Drugs

Some medications are observed one in a million. Treatment of those rare diseases are also difficult and expensive. The medications that are used for treatment of rare diseases are called orphan drugs. They can not be used commonly due to their expensive prices. Our company’s aim is to produce and supply some medications that are not produced in our country anymore.  


What is a Rare Disease?

There are a lot of problems related with health care. When we evaluate in terms of percentage, we can see very high ratios. However, there are also some rare diseases that most people don’t know anything about it and only observed in one person among thousands of people. Those diseases include; involuntary eye blinking, repeating a movement consecutively and continuously, glass bone disease, albinism, progeria. People with rare diseases are having difficulty during supply of those medications.

Production of Medication

Most companies are not producing orphan medications due to their low profit. Paitents in a difficult situation are devoid medications that are necessary for their treatment. Our company keep continue to produce those drugs to meet the requirements of people because other companies are not producing them sue to low profit return. 


How is Medication Supply Procedure?

People having rare disease should be diagnosed by a doctor. After diagnose, approval should be taken from Ministry of Health for starting treatment with orphan drugs. Ministry of Health should be accept that the patient needs the medication and also searches about the disease.  It is approved if required. The following step should be applying to Turkish Association of Pharmacists (TAP). They offer the information and necessities to Ministry of Health again, after conducting a world wide research. If this institution approves it againi then it is recorded to Foreign country medication list to supply the medication. Turkish Association of Pharmacist plays a major role for this issue. They move together with the patient almost in every step and try to arrange everything necessary for medication supply. Turkish Association of Pharmacists also has a searching ole when medication payment is required from Social Security Institution. They transfer the obtained results to SSI and the committee decides if it will be received or not.