İstanbul Pharma

Medical Materials

- İstanbul Pharma medical materials used in Laboratory are listed below:

1-Asbestos wire : Wire layer which is used for protecting glass material from heat .

2- Balloon and Balloon Joe : It is made of Perks glass. Resistant to heat and cold.

3-Baget Glass Rod : Used for mixing procedures.

4- Beaker: Beaker can be made from plastic or glass. It is used for transfer of minor liquids. 

5-Bisturi : It is used for cutting materials into small pieces or sectioning from tissues. It is a sharp knife. .

6-Bunsen Burner : An iron apparatus that converts natural gas or butane gas to flame.

7-Buret : It is made from glass pipe. There is a tap at the lower part. It is used for titration.

8- Drop and Bottle with Droplet: Includes medical materials used for minor procedures.

9-Test tube : Made from glass and resistant to heat.

10-Eppendorf Tube : Made of plastic. Capped. Used for small amounts.

11- Falcon Tube :Capped. It has volume indicators on it.

12- Desiccator : Used for drying procedures. Taps on the cap indicate that they are vacuumed model. They can be made from glass, metal or porcelain.

13-Erlenmayer : Made of glass.  It has volume indicators on it.

13- Brush : It is used for cleaning of glass materials and other materials.

14- Morter and Pestle : It is used for separation of small particles.

15- Funnel : It is used for liquid transfer. It is also used for filtration.

16- Cronometer : It is used for measurements related with time..

17- Lame and Lamella: It is used for microscobic analysis.

18- Lancet : It is used for perforating the finger  for drawing blood. They are disposable sterile needles.

19- Table : They are clamps made of wood or metal and used for transfer of heated glass material from one place to another.

20- Measure( Graduated Cylinder ) : It is used for material transfer. It has grades on it.

21- Micro pipet : It is used for transfer of fluids with small volume.

22- Sample Bottles : Capped bottles that are used for storage of tissue samples.

23- Loop :  It is used for adding microorganisms to growth culture.

24- Parafilm : It is used for preventing air leakage of bottles.

Above mentioned medical materials are produced by our company. Our products are evaluated in terms of accordance with legal requirements and quality standards before their supply.