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In India recorded an outbreak of "black fungus" in patients with COVID

In India recorded an outbreak of "black fungus" in patients with COVID

The Indian government is calling on the state authorities of the country to declare the fungal disease mucormycosis or "black mold" an epidemic following the states of Rajasthan and Telangana. This was announced by the spokesman for the Ministry of Health Lav Agarwal in a statement circulated here on Thursday.


"Recently, a new problem has emerged in the form of a fungal infection, namely mucormycosis, and it has been reported from many states among COVID-19 patients, especially those on steroid therapy and poor sugar control," Agarwal said, calling on the states. include this rare but potentially fatal infection in regional epidemic laws. "

Mucormycosis ("black mold") is a complication caused by a fungal infection. It is most commonly found in damp rooms and surfaces, soil, plants, rotting vegetables and fruits. The fungus enters the body after inhaling the spores and infects the sinuses or lungs. Infection can also enter the body through damage to the skin, such as a scratch or burn.


A rare disease is caused by fungal infections and is most dangerous for people whose immunity is reduced after an illness, in particular, after suffering COVID-19.

The Delhi National Capital District government announced on Thursday the creation of an expert committee on the use of drugs for the treatment of mucormycosis. More than 130 cases of this fungal infection have been reported in Delhi to date, according to media reports. The state of Maharashtra has reported 1,500 cases and 90 deaths from infection. Also, cases of mucormycosis have also been reported in the states of Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar.


The concern of doctors is not the number of cases, which is relatively small (the exact number of cases in the country has not yet been reported), but a sharp increase in morbidity and high mortality - about 50% of those infected - against the background of coronavirus infection.

In India, the difficult situation with the coronavirus remains. In terms of the number of deaths from COVID-19, the country entered the top three world leaders along with the United States and Brazil, and the incidence rates are still very high. Hospitals cannot cope with the influx of patients, and the bodies of the deceased have to be burned right on the street.


Over the entire period of COVID-19 in India, more than 25.5 million people were infected, with more than 287 thousand deaths.