İstanbul Pharma

Humanitarian Aid Projects

It is crucial for a pharmaceutical company to make humanitarian aid projects. Because, such a project indicates that a company cares about people and wants healthy people. Humanitarian projects conducted by our company are performed by this purpose. Our company, as a pharmaceutical wholesaler became an expert about collection and distribution of international based medications, medical materials. It is very good at transportation, storage and effective usage of sources. In addition to this, performs reliable and high quality jobs. Conducts the job in a required time period very fastly and immediately supplies medications. Our company primarily cares about people health therefore, makes medication distribution both with cost and for aid.   Medication distribution and humanitarian aid projects are conducted for humans and thus, our company never discriminates humans or geographic locations.

The main purposes of our company are listed below:

  • To help clinical researches by providing medication and material
  • To meet medication and medical material needs of institutes all over the world.
  • To provide orphan medication supply
  •  To support  projects about health 
  • To help humanitarian organizations by developing humanitarian help projects


When we talk about humanitarian aid projects, being together and helping people is understood, as we see from it’s name. Priority of our company is to support those help projects.

Humanitarian aid project provides a big opportunity for situations like natural disasters, wars, shortage or unexpected virus. Conducts studies for all of the world especially with the support of big institutions and by developing full scale projects.

Thanks to this project, medication, necessary medical materials (like gauze bandage) were delivered to both in our country and foreign countries with humanitarian aid projects.  Our company have been doing it’s best to save people’s lives by providing health care support.  Not just provides medication and material for the regions need help it also sends necessary doctor, nurse and aid team to those regions.  By this way, required materials are used by many people at the same time and more patient can get help.