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Emergency Kits

Some opportunuties are restricted in case of emergency. Emergency kit, is a very necessary precaution to meet our basic needs and also to reduce the damage caused by wounds. Those kits should be used at home, in office and even in car  because they provide us to survive in case of emergency. The content is meticulously supplied and they can reliably offered for sale. 

The Materials That Should Be Included 

A Solid Bag

First of all, we should get a solid bag that we can put materials in it. We emphasize that it should be solid because there is a possibility of tearing, getting damaged and therefore it may leave you in a difficult situation. In case of any damage to the bag, the materials may be effected thus it is crucial to take the first step appropriately.

Some Food and Drinks

When we talk about emergency kit, this material is considered primarily because it is necessary for us to supply our essential need. Plenty amount of water, biscuits, cake should be included in this bag.

Tinderbox or Waterproof Match Sticks

Lighting a fire is important for various reasons. For protecting from cold, creating a lightened environment and to protect from wild animals according to your location.

Aluminium Foil

Most of the materials inside the kit don’t have single function. Aluminium foil is one of those materials. It has some features like storing a food, protecting temperature of a material that should be kept warm.

Vaselin and Cotton

Multi functionalism that is mentioned on the previous item is also valid for this item. It’s used for cleaning and tamponing of wounds but it’s essential function is different. You should use those materials when lighting a fire is difficult. Those two materials are successful for lightening for both fast and long term fire so they facilitate our job.   .

Tincture of iodine, Plaster, Gauze Bandage, Adhesive Plaster and Pain Killer

In case of an injury, the products that will be used must be kept for limiting the damage.  Bleeding can be reduced by tamponing and infection can be prevented.

Fishing line and Small Hooks 

This is an important material that should be included in the bag because our future situation is not clear.


The other material that should be kept inside the emergency kit is beeswax. If we want to change a flammable material to unflammable than we need beeswax.