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Covid-19 Favipiravir

Hello. Today I am going to talk about a medicine named Favipiravir which uses for treatment of Covid-19. Favipiravir, created by Toyama Chemical in Japan in 2014 and since that time it has been comercializing in many countries of the World particularly in Japan. So it is not a recently created medicine for Corona virus.

It is sovereign for many kind of viruses such as influenza, west nile encephalitis virus, yellow fever virus besides it has been used for the treatment of SARS virus.

Also used for COVID-19 pandemia which has emerged in Wuhan-China and suggested by Chiniese authorities. According to the statement, the medicine helps to reduce the cure time from 11 days to 4 days and the period of high fever from 4,2 to 2,5 days. Favipiravir has become commonly used medicine against Corona virus nowadays.

Favipiravir prevents reproduction of the virus and also ensure quick absorvation. While using for serious cases also applies for medium light lungs complications.

Our country while importing this medicine very beginning period of the pandemia then Turkish pharmaceutical manufacturers has started it’s production.  This development  has made us Turkish people so happy both as financially and as an access  to the product.

We, as Istanbul Pharma feel right proud of playing active role to a  war againts Corona virus and supply of Favipiravir. For more information and your inquiries related Favipipravir and all other medicines you can contact us via our contact numbers.