İstanbul Pharma

Clinical Researches Supply

Our company as a pharmaceutical wholesaler, includes other medical materials and health care projects. It is a global company and helps everyone without discriminating any country or geographic region. It’s priority is always health and it has a enormous store. Beside including every kind of medication it also supplies rare medications. Together with the deficiencies of humanitarian projects, it also fills every kind of deficiencies in institutions. 

Another priority and supply of our company is clinical researches supply. Our company is delivering medical materials and devices without any interruption this situation indicates our company’s care about health care.  Creates a department within, for successful clinical researches, quick advancement of those studies, accomplishment of a newly produced medication and application of this medication to a patient successfully.  Because our company is aware of patients may lose their lives when necessary procedures are not performed. Our company really cares about patient’s health and acts with a knowledge of the first step should be clinical research supply not should be necessary medication and material supply.  

Crucial Points of Product Storage and Distribution for Clinical Researches

Distribution of some drugs with cold storage in special situations.

Using a very delicate transportation type of shipping of clinical research devices and necessary equipment.

Regular product delivery both for the country and all over the world .

Paying utmost attention for expiring dates of medications and materials.

Clinical research supply is on standby like it may happen at any moment.

Our company has been performing searching supplying stage for a very long time and it has a big storage.  It became providing the best facilities as a result of experiences and problems. Therefore, studies are conducting by including qualified and meticulously working employees.   Removes all the problems that are faced during clinical research activities and clinical research supply. Performs supplying period with high quality and reliable. Considers all the factors for medication, medical device delivery. Those factors are; seasonal temperature, type of transportation and longevity of supplying period. This is due to the necessity of delivery without any deterioration of medication and material.