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We Are İstanbul Pharma

We are exporting medical drugs and consumables to all the countries of the world. You may reach all the medications from A to Z from İstanbul Pharma at this point.

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We are here to meet you all medicines needs

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Our medical supply system provides to all drug needs

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We are İstanbul Pharma

İstanbul Pharma is Turkey ’s largest pharmaceutical supply company  more than 15 years

İstanbul Pharma, a pharmeutical company exports oncological, immunological and orphan diseases to distributors, local wholesalers, pharmacies and hospitals. Our range medical supply system provides to delivers all medicine need as leader pharmaceutical trade company. İstanbul Pharma’s mission is to become the most valued pharmaceutical trade company.

We will continue to make initiatives that make a difference in the pharma sector, thanks to IMS-assured products and our care in the supply chain. Our mission as your partner is to help you improve the quality of care and service you deliver to your patients.  İstanbul Pharma has partnered with Menta Pharma a 100% domestic production company.  Turkish pharmaceutical industry with its quality assurance. We aim to carry our pharmaceutical industry experience to the medicine production side.



Global Location Number: 8683161605219

We are here to meet your medicines & medical product needs as soon as possible!

We successfully operate in products related to medication and medical devices for many countries in the world. Exceeding expectations in supply chain excellence is the foundation of our business. Our mission as your partner is to help you improve the quality of care and service you deliver to your patients and customers. In all we do, our goal is to build trusted relationships through high-quality medical& pharmaceutical services. İstanbul Pharma is determined to expand its presence worldwide and is committed to always providing quality health care products and services to all of its business partners and affiliates.

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Austria Bulgaria
Italy Britain
Luxemburg Macedonia
Poland Ukraine
Bosnia and Herzegovina

North America



Solomon Islands


Azerbaijan U.A.E.
China Hong Kong
India Iraq
Iran Japan
Cambodia Kyrgyzstan
Laos Lebonon
Mongolia Pakistan
Singapore Saudi Arabia
Thailand Turkmenistan
Oman Jordan
Vietnam Yemen


Angola Benin
Botswana Burundi
Djibouti Chad
Congo Ghana
South Sudan South Africa
Kenya Libya
Egypt Mali
Malawi Nigeria
Somalia Sri Lanka
Sudan Tanzania

South America

Cayman Islands


In perfection, we are only in development and constant  change.

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We are Exporting to 71 Countries

We are serving for every point on the world. We keep continue to support you with the best brands in this sector.

We are taking 12000 Product Order.

We keep continue exporting to every point on the world thanks to the values that form us and our customers.